Child Care Education Program

Department of Human Development and Family Studies


six month old babyWe would like to welcome you to the UNCG Child Care Education Program (CCEP) website. Our program is part of the Human Development and Family Studies Department of the School of Health and Human Sciences. CCEP serves a unique role in the University and Greensboro communities. We provide a teacher training and research facility for the campus, a resource for community organizations seeking information on quality care and education for young children and provide a high quality educational program for the Greensboro community.

CCEP is dedicated to providing a warm and nurturing environment for young children. We provide rich educational experiences based on the idea that young children’s learning is an active process. We allow children to make choices and advance at their own paces in an atmosphere in which they feel competent, yet challenged, as they progress. Our goal is that children will enjoy learning and seek to be life-long learners.

This website has been developed to give you information about the many components of our program. It includes sections dealing with our purpose, philosophy, goals, and history. I hope you will find this site helpful and useful.

Sharon Mims
Director, CCEP

A few words about education …  Kid in a voting booth

Within our field, there has often been a debate about whether our work is about “caring” for young children or “educating” young children. I have sometimes had conversations with parents over the years, that while they valued the “care” their child was receiving, they were really worried that they weren’t receiving the “education” they needed.

Thankfully, we are beginning to have consensus that care and education can and should happen simultaneously for young children. They need warm, interactive relationships with knowledgeable adults who understand their abilities and encourage them to learn new concepts, new ideas, and new ways of finding information.

We now even call one of our choices for adult students in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, the “early care and education” option.2 kids in a playground

I’m reminded of the importance of caring as part of this education process for young children as I walk through our classrooms. We teach this concept through our classroom pets, through our negotiations of conflict, the ways we celebrate individual achievements, and hopefully through the ways we treat each other.

Not only is it important for us to offer a caring place for children, it is important that they learn how to care for others and be able to establish relationships with those around them. At CCEP, we view this not as separate from education, but central to our understanding of education.

We also believe this applies to everyone, whether they’re 3, 33, or 53 years old. These relationships form the context, the framework and the mechanism through which we can teach reading, writing, math, science and other academic skills. Our goal for your children is that CCEP will provide the beginnings of ways to not only learn facts, skills and concepts, but also learn how to use this “early education” both now and later in life.